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Events/Live Painting

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Workshops/ aerosol academy

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How to commission

How Much does it cost / How do I get a quote?

Thanks for your interest! Since the work is art-based, everything is custom, so there isn't a standardized system of pricing. Each mural is unique, and thus quotes are provided on a case-by-case basis. Workshops are a bit more standard, but still depend on things outside of how many people attend, including age group, travel & accommodations, time of year and location conditions (extra supplies required for outdoor workshops), and material availability. To get a quote, keep reading homie! 

Please answer as many questions as possible for a faster quote:

Name *
Where is the site? Interior or Exterior? Which city? Where in the city?
When would you like to have the project completed? OR When would you like to have the workshop or event? As an idea, anything less than 6-8 weeks in advance of even a minor commitment is considered a short timeline. From deposit to delivery, things like concept development, scheduling, approvals and ordering supplies take time. Summer timelines are more demanding particularly for mural work. Exceptions can be made, but do generally come with a rush fee.
How tall is the space? How wide is the space? How far is the space from the ground? If it's wall-based, what material is the wall made from? Has the wall been painted before? If so, what condition is that paint in? Please send min. 3-5 photos of the wall or space and surrounding area.
Do you have an ideal budget range in mind for your project? Providing this up front will help more easily determine what material use and scale or style of work is the best fit to get you the most value. Optional.
Workshops: Which type of workshop are you thinking? Something outside? In that case, is it a temporary space for an event or project, or something more long-term in the community? If it's an indoor workshop, are you thinking a chalk wall, or a workshop on paper. Or, maybe live painting is a good fit for your event instead? Murals: Do you have a vision or idea for the space? If you know exactly what you want and are able to convey it, we can get right to a quote. If not - don't worry, we'll get it figured out! In general here, the more you're willing and able to trust a professional creative vision, the more cost effective a project tends to be, as revisions and delays in approvals can use up time and budget.



AJA sounds like Ajay  - abbreviation for Adrian Joseph Alexander, styled without periods (preferably not A.J.A. or AJ or Aja).
Louden sounds like Loud-En - rhymes with cloud-men. 


Good question. Each project is individual, and thus timelines are provided on a case-by-case basis. Normally if you need something within a few weeks it's not enough time, but send a message anyways and we'll see! Spraypaint is quick, so a lot can get done even in a few short hours, but the studio can book up months in advance, especially in the spring and summer months, so scheduling is often the bigger challenge. 

IS my kid gonna get in trouble? (i.e. will you be teaching them to do anything illegal/dangerous?)

Definitely heard that one before! An important part of the workshop is the lecture component that touches on the unsanctioned or illegal nature of street art and graffiti and why that's always been important to some parts of the artform. That being said, the workshop is always taught in safe, legal locations and the risks and consequences (both for someone getting arrested for mischief and the property owner affected) of illegal street art and graffiti are a point of honest discussion and conversation. In absolutely no way shape or form is the Aerosol Academy an anti-graffiti or graffiti-abatement oriented program, but ensuring safety and understanding the moral and legal consequences of personal choices is a key lesson. Extensive experiences with law enforcement have provided a wizened perspective and more maturity, foresight and responsibility to be shared by the lead artist ;)