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I'd like to book a workshop! how do i get started?

Awesome! We'll get you a quote, then arrange a deposit and book a date. To get your quote request started, please answer the questions below and send an email with the subject line "Quote Request" and 3-5 photos of your space to:


Please answer as many questions as possible for a faster quote:


  1. LOCATION  |  Where is the site? Interior or Exterior? Which city? Where in the city?  
  2. TYPE  |  Which type of workshop are you thinking? Something outside? In that case, is it a temporary space for an event or project, or something more long-term in the community? If it's an indoor workshop, are you thinking a chalk wall, or a workshop on paper. Or, maybe live painting is a good fit for your event instead?  
  3. AUDIENCE  |  Who will be attending (Demographics help: age, background, experience level)? How many people would you like to see get a chance to participate?
  4. TIMELINE  |  When would you like to have the workshop or event? As an idea, anything less than 4-6 weeks in advance of even a minor commitment is considered a short timeline. From initial quote to event day, details like confirmation on spaces and conditions, scheduling, approvals and ordering supplies take time. Summer timelines in particular are more demanding . Exceptions can be made, but do generally come with a rush fee.
  5. (OPTIONAL) IDEAL BUDGET RANGE  |  Do you have an ideal budget range in mind for your project? Providing this up front will help more easily determine what material use and scale or style of work is the best fit to get you the most value. Optional. 

Thank you! Please allow time for a quote as the studio can get quite busy.